Make your asset earn for you. 

Enjoy the prestige of having it featured in media. 
Increase the value of your vehicle by seeing it in films, TV programs or adverts. 
Earn money in a unique experience.  
YOU decide how much you charge per hour, day or week.  
Meet the stars driving your cars (if you let them). 
Pay once and register for life!  
Recoup the expenses you have outlaid to maintain your vehicle over the years.  
Read more and register below.  

Get paid to drive your vehicle in film and TV 

Into Media, operating as Global Media Vehicles is a unique worldwide network and database of privately owned vehicles available for film and TV productions. This includes films, TV series, advertisements, music videos, and more. Unlike the past, where only a few companies provided vehicles, the rise of the internet and accessible filmmaking tools has allowed us to create a database of vehicles owned by individuals. This significantly increases the variety of vehicles accessible to production companies, while reducing costs. It's like Uber a gig economy business, but for films and advertising. 
Now, whether you own a custom, classic, or contemporary vehicle, or even a boat, caravan, jet ski, coach, or motorcycle, and in whatever condition, you can directly profit from your vehicle in film, TV or advertising work. You have the opportunity to generate income while preserving and maintaining your cherished vehicle. If you've seen a vehicle on TV, chances are it came from Global Media Vehicles, and you can get paid for it. Almost any vehicle will increase in value and desirability if it has been seen on TV. 

When you register with Into Media, you have various options to monetise your vehicle. Now, advertising companies are eager to utilise eye-catching vehicles with lower costs – and individual owners all over the world.  

What sets Into Media apart is that it not only offers a unique income source from film and TV but also serves as a global advertising platform for companies. As a vehicle owner, you can attract income by towing advertising trailers, displaying magnetic ads on your vehicle, wrapping your vehicle in corporate colours or slogans, or participating in static promotions by parking near new businesses or large posters. Your vehicle captures the initial attention advertising companies and clients want.. Take advantage of our start up offer and pay just once for a lifetime membership and exposure to Film and TV professionals and opportunities.  
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