Use spaces & places you own to make extra money. 

Offer your indoor or outdoor areas to film and TV sets. 
You decide how much you charge per hour, day or week.  
Be part of film and TV history! 
Do you have a house, flat, garden, rooftop, barn, field, car park, warehouse, restaurant or any space we can film in? 
Don't just rent the film company the space be an extra too!  

Your Property Could be the Next Star of the Big Screen 

We all know that most scenes we see in films and TV are not shot in studios but on private properties. These can range from stately homes, rooftop bars, barns, fields, to airstrips. Production companies used to spend time searching, contacting, and negotiating with property owners. Now, with Into Media, you can list your property, regardless of its type or location. Set your rate, provide details, upload pictures, and who knows? Your flat, hotel, stately home, field, barn, restaurant, terraced house (think Gavin and Stacey?), shop, barbershop, or any other property could be featured in a TV program, film, or advertisement someday. You decide the price and duration. Can we film in your property? 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Into Media. Why not register yourself, your vehicle, or your property right now? 

Take advantage of our start up special, register once and receive a lifetime membership! Thats right your space or place available and promoted to film and tv companies forever. 
List your venue now 
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