Offer yourself as an 'extra' to make money or have a great day out. 

Get involved in film making. 
Have a unique experience.  
Make cash while meeting new and interesting people. 
Get into movies and maybe one day be a superstar!  


Ever dreamed of being in the movies? Many of us have but pursuing that dream full-time isn't always feasible. That's where being a part-time extra comes in. The film industry is expanding globally, and there is a growing demand for extras, vehicles, and locations. Register HERE to become an extra in your area and potentially enjoy a few days off work, and the unique experience of the film and TV industry. You never know, you might even get noticed and become a big movie star. 
Register as an extra, offer your vehicle, or list your property for film and TV opportunities in your area or globally. Enjoy a unique and profitable experience in the industry. Simply upload pictures, a video, and complete your profile details. Set your rate and await potential opportunities. It's like having a lottery ticket that doesn't expire after the weekend. Learn more below. 

Here's the process 

When a film, TV, or advertising client chooses a person, vehicle, or location from our database for their project, they contact us. We then reach out to you to confirm your availability on the specified dates. The client pays Into Media in advance, based on your day rate and the duration required. After completing the work, we deduct our booking fee and issue your payment. 
Take advantage of our start up offer register and pay once for lifetime membership and exposure to film and TV professionals and opportunities.  
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